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The Database of Religious History (DRH) is currently recruiting historians and religious studies experts in all areas of expertise to analyze a particular religious group by completing one of our polls. If you have academic expertise in the history of a particular religious tradition, as indicated by a PhD (or status as a PhD Candidate) in a relevant field, please consider contributing an entry to the DRH or commenting upon existing entries.

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Contributors to the DRH must have academic expertise with regard to the particular religious group for which they prepare an entry. Our current rule of thumb is being ABD or above in a relevant department or program, subject to approval by the relevant Editor.

Your contribution can be thought of as analogous to an encyclopedia article that summarizes the state of the field on a particular subject. In addition to the questionnaire answers, we encourage contributors to add qualitative comments and references, and will soon be introducing tools that will allow you to organize, and link to, your own or existing on-line qualitative resources, such as text or image archives.

Contributions to the DRH are formal publications that are recognized both on the database website and within the database itself; each is assigned a DOI and stored in pdf form by the UBC Library for ease of ciation and access. Contributors should also list their DRH entries on their personal CVs. Because our database is essentially a quantitative and qualitative encyclopedia, we suggest the following form of citation that acknowledges the input of the experts (using one of our early contributors, Lothar von Falkenhausen (UCLA) as an example):

von Falkenhausen, Lothar. 2013. Shang-Western Zhou (1750–850 BCE): Religious Group Poll. Database of Religious History, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. doi: xxxxxxx.

Contributors are also offered, at the discretion of their editor, a modest honorarium ($200 normally, $500 for extensive entries until June 2018) in recognition of their efforts for the completion of an entry.

Although the project is in the early stages of development, a growing number of distinguished historians have agreed to help us with the data collection in their respective fields of expertise. A list of participating DRH experts can be found on our contributors page. Our Editorial Team help us to coordinate the increasing pool of contributors.

The process of entering data on your area of expertise is both intuitive and flexible. After signing up you can get started right away: please read the instructions on the Getting Started page, and then click on Contribute to begin creating your entry. The interface is self-explanatory, and you can run through the data entry procedure at your own pace, when you have moments of free time, over the course of a 3 month period. Once you are approved by the Editor you have chosen during the sign up process (this usually only takes a few days) you will be able to publish your entry and also begin commenting on other entries.

If you have any questions or concerns about the approval process, or have not received a timely response to your sign-up request, please feel free to contact our Managing Editor.

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Terms of Use

We encourage our experts to publish results from the analysis of the data, either as contributing co-authors or lead authors on joint papers, or as authors of their own independent analyses using DRH data.

All potential contributors should be aware of our Terms of Use before logging in for the first time:

  • I will not republish the data in any form, nor download the data for any use other than my own personal analysis;
  • I will cite the DRH when using any data from the DRH in a publication in the form:  "Database of Religious History (DRH;, accessed [date];
  • I will notify the DRH ( when using DRH data in any publication.