Project Director

Technical Director

  • Michael Muthukrishna

    Assistant Professor of Economic Psychology

    London School of Economics and Political Science

Managing Editor

  • M. Willis Monroe

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Asian Studies

    University of British Columbia

Primary Scientific Advisers

  • Mark Collard

    Professor of Archeology and Canada Research Chair in Human Evolutionary Studies

    Simon Fraser University

  • Joe Henrich

    Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology and Canada Research Chair in Culture, Cognition and Coevolution

    Harvard University

Primary Historical Advisor

Graduate Student RAs Research Assistants

Industry Partner

  • Pieoneers Web Technologies Inc.

    An award-winning mobile and web development studio with roots in Vancouver, BC. The globally distributed team works with established businesses & ambitious startups creating high-value web, Android, and iOS apps along with the branding and designs to promote them. Digital experiences for pioneering brands.


  • Jessica McCutcheon (Managing Editor, 2014­-2016), Robban Toleno (Managing Editor, 2015-­2016), Brenton Sullivan (Managing Editor, 2013­-2015), Robin Curtis (RA, 2014-­2015), Guy Shababo (RA, 2015), Billy So (UX Designer, 2014-­2015), David Le (UI Designer, 2014­2015)