Gino Canlas

Institution: University of British Columbia
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Location: Vancouver
Role at DRH: Expert
Area of Research: Ancient Greek Religion, Roman Religion

Research Interests

  • Ancient Greek Religion
  • Archaeology Of Religion
  • Thessaly
  • Greek Sanctuaries
  • Identities And Identification
  • Greek Dialects
  • Greek Epigraphy
  • Roman Religion
  • Roman Provinces

Database Contributions

Entry name ProgressPublished Date modified
Ancient Thessalians October 28, 2021
The Pharsalos Metroon May 06, 2022
Sanctuary of Zeus Thaulios and Ennodia at Pherai (Makalorema) October 27, 2021
Orphic Tablets January 05, 2022
Marmarini Stele September 29, 2021
The Cave of the Nymphs at Pharsalos September 29, 2021
The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis December 08, 2021
Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia at Delphi March 31, 2022