William Noseworthy

Institution: Cornell University
Role at DRH: Expert
Area of Research: Southeast Asia


William B Noseworthy [Ph.D.] is a Historian of Asia and the World with a keen interest in Southeast Asia. He has published many book chapters and articles, most recently in "Religion" (2021) and "Education about Asia" (2020), along with a contribution to the recent edited volume "Religion & Politics in Southeast Asia" (Pace University Press, 2020). His research and teaching also currently examines the role of music in the context of 20th and 21st century social movements, trans-regional environmental history of East and Southeast Asia, and the history of Asian religions. His current book project, tentatively titled "Gods of the Soil," examines the creolization of Austronesian Cham religious communities in south-central and southern Vietnam, throughout Cambodia, central Thailand, and peninsular Malaysia.

Research Interests

  • Borderlands
  • Islam
  • Southeast Asia
  • Vietnam
  • New Animism
  • Hinduism
  • Asian Christianity
  • Cambodia
  • Austronesian World
  • Shamanism
  • Mediumship
  • Ancestor Deities

Database Contributions

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