kathryn Kelley

Institution: University of British Columbia
Position: Graduate Student and Research Associate
Role at DRH: Expert
Area of Research: Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern history


I am a specialist of early Mesopotamian society and history, with particular interest in economies and gender dynamics. I work on further decipherment of two of the earliest writing systems, proto-cuneiform (the earliest form of cuneiform) and proto-Elamite (a short-lived writing system from Iran).

Research Interests

  • Ancient Economies
  • Early Mesopotamia
  • Proto-Elamite (C. 3100-2900 Bc)
  • Proto-Cuneiform Writing
  • Digital Cataloguing Of Archaeological Materials
  • Sumerian
  • Akkadian

Database Contributions

Entry name ProgressPublished Date modified
Mesopotamian city-state cults of the Early Dynastic periods July 09, 2019