Evaluating Generalizations

In the field of early Chinese studies, one will run across claims such as the following: "It is generally agreed that mind-body or spirit-body dualism is completely unknown in early China"; sometimes the claim will be much broader, that this sort of dualism is completely unknown outside of the Abrahamic faiths.

A quick Visualize query for the Religious Group poll question, "Is a spirit-body distinction present," gives the following results:

In fact, spirit-body dualism seems to characterize the vast majority of Religious Groups entered into the DRH, even in East Asia. Until contributing to the DRH becomes a more normative activity for scholars of religion, such results will only reflect the views of a sub-portion of the field, but eventually queries such as this will allow one to instantly and accurately get a sense of the general consensus (or lack thereof) on any given question in the field.

For those dubious about categoric "Yes/No/Field Doesn't Know/I Don't Know" answers, the Table view allows you to instead simply browse experts' qualitative comments on a topic. In this way, DRH search results function as a quick encyclopedic survey of experts' views on a given question.

Quantifiable Analysis

Approved analysts can download a csv file of existing DRH data and explore data relationships using their own analytic software. For approval, please contact the Managing Editor at

In the near future, we are planning an Analyze function that will allow multiple types of statistical analysis to be performed on the DRH site itself.

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